For the past seven years, I have lived and worked in Japan. It was never in my plan to stay here for so long but thanks to all these years, I have travelled around Japan while gaining precious experiences as a foreigner-traveller and as a “salaryman” (this is what they called people who are employed by companies).

In the beginning, it was really tough survival skills due to language barrier and cultural shocks. But I must say that this country is so rich of culture and fascinating pop cultures and I think it will be a waste not to explore more about Japan. That is when I decided to start this blog to share with people about my travels, experiences and knowledge that I gained about Japan.

I often get messages from my friends asking about tips in travelling Japan and I realised that most of us are sick of sticking to the hot touristy spots that are all so readily found on websites. You maybe a first-timer traveller in Japan or a repeated traveller, what is most important is to be able to explore parts of Japan that others have not yet done so. This blog will hopefully be helpful to those who are planning their trips to Japan – especially if you want to bring a fresh outlook to your instagram or facebook.

My message to those who read this blog will be:

To Travellers from Overseas: Explore the exotic side of Japan, the local way.

To Locals staying in Japan: Take the time off to appreciate the beauty of your country and have a new outlook of the culture.pexels-photo-346768.jpeg